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Jose Pang

Meet a New York City-based photographer who has a passion for capturing portraits and events using a minimalist approach. He believes in the power of creativity and improving skills with each photograph he takes. The goal is to strive for simplicity and artistry without burdening with excessive equipment. His work is not limited to the cityscape. He also doubles as a local guide, offering immersive tours to visitors who are eager to see New York City and beyond through the eyes of a resident. Their camera becomes a storyteller, weaving tales through the lens.

Aside from the urban experience, Jose is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys hiking, camping, and exploring the natural world. He has a particular love for sunrises and sunsets, where the camera becomes a tool to freeze the beauty of these fleeting moments while also savoring the beauty. When night falls, the gaze shifts to the stars as he travels to some of North America's dark sky locations to capture the celestial wonders above.

If you're interested in an immersive photography journey, this photographer welcomes you to join him

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